ConfirmationConfirmation is the rite in which an Episcopalian expresses a mature commitment to Christ, and receives strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer, anointing, and the laying-on of hands by a bishop. Because many become Christians through infant baptism, confirmation provides an opportunity to make a conscious spiritual affirmation.

The youth at St. Bart's will prepare for confirmation September-May by attending the Sunday evening Confirmation preparation class every other week. Additional youth confirmation requirements include attending six weekly youth group gatherings on Wednesday evenings and at least one retreat event. Those who complete the confirmation preparation will be received into the church through a confirmation ceremony presided over by the Bishop.

Adults prepare for confirmation with a series of classes on our Episcopal faith and are confirmed or received into the church by the bishop as part of the same confirmation ceremony. 

Being confirmed is generally expected of all adult, baptized members of the congregation at some time. People who have already been confirmed in a non-Episcopal Christian church may elect to be received in this ceremony presided over by a bishop.

Adults or youth who wish to be Confirmed, please call the church office at (858) 487-2159.